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E3 2018

E3 2018 Banner

E3 is once again upon us with E3 2018.  Some of the biggest names in the gaming industry are there to show off what they have been working on and to give us an insight into what games we will be looking forward to in the very near future.  Events kicked off today with EA and conferences run until Tuesday ending with Nintendo.  We will be following and updating you with all the latest, here is all the conference timings and where to watch….

Saturday 9th June
EA – 19:00 UK (BST) – EA Twitch Livestream

Sunday 10th June
Microsoft – 21:00 UK (BST) – Microsoft / Xbox Twitch Livestream
Devolver Digital – 04:00 UK (BST) – Devolver Digital Twitch Livestream

Monday 11th June
Bethesda – 02:30 UK (BST) – Bethesda Twitch Livestream
Square Enix – 18:00 UK (BST) – Square Enix Twitch Livestream
Ubisoft – 21:00 UK (BST) – Ubisoft Twitch Livestream
PC Gaming Show – 23:00 UK (BST) – PC Gaming Show Twitch Livestream

Tuesday 12th June
Sony – 02:00 UK (BST) – Playstation Twitch Livestream
Nintendo – 17:00 UK (BST) – Nintendo Twich Livestream

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Short Break

So after a short break from blogging, system building and designing the site I am now back and keen to blog once more.

The break was due to a lack of time to put into developing the blog and the website but after a busy couple of months time has freed up and I can concentrate on Purely PC once more.

Again a lack of time has moved me away from the system building side of things and more towards blogging about all things PC including the latest hardware, games and anything interesting and computer related.

It will be a slow and steady start but will hopefully build over the next few months into something interesting and worth your time to read. Thats my update for now but hopefully see you soon at the next post.