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Moonlighter – Preview

Screenshot from the game Moonlighter

Logo for the game MoonlighterEver wanted to own the village shop where adventures and heroes gather equipment before embarking on the ultimate quest for loot and glory?

Well now you can thanks to Moonlighter. You play as Will, a humble but adventurous shopkeeper in the village of Rynoka who secretly dreams of becoming a hero. Will is running his grandfather’s store by day earning the all essential gold, but is able to go off and have his own adventures in the dungeons on the outskirts of town at night (mainly to look for loot to sell in the store).

Inside the dungeon the game sees you battling against slimes, floating pincers and a host of other enemies available in this pre-release build. To start with you only have a broom to fight with but in time a selection of weapons become available to buy and craft including spears, swords and bows. Our protagonist will also have a choice of armour to not only boost defence stats but to also customise his look. Finally Will also gets special abilities in the form of scrolls that are acquired throughout the games world.

Battling red slimes in Moonlighters dungeons
Battling slimes in one of Moonlighters dungeons

Presently there is only access to one of the dungeons with more being available later once the game releases in its final build. Each of these dungeons will contain unique enemies, information on the civilisations who created each dungeon environment and also more importantly lots and lots of loot. With the loot you acquire from the dungeons you can either put it up for sale in your store to make some quick gold or use it in the games crafting system to create higher value and rarer items.

The games selling system offers its own complexities as it sees you blindly putting up items for sale, guessing their worth and praying that you have not just given a high value away for a shoddy 10 gold. At the start of each day you stock your shelves, open your shop and gauge the reaction from potential customers in regards to pricing. This is done with a set of 4 emojis ranging from “holy crap that’s expensive” to “this is almost stealing” Each time a customer reacts to pricing this is logged in your journal so you don’t have to repeat the process again to find that sweet selling price of not giving it away but not too expensive that it turns people away. So what do I do with the gold earned in the store I hear you say? Well you can either spend it on items to help you in your adventures or you can also upgrade parts of the store to make it bigger and better.

selling prices in your journal in Moonlighter
Your journal in Moonlighter that shows the reactions to selling prices

This game is only in the beta stages of development so I expect that we will see more content later down the line and I am interested to see how this game progresses throughout the rest of its development. In the mean time of you want to play Moonlighter in its current beta form you can take part here by pledging on their Kickstarter page (Click Here To Go To Kickstarter).

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