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Stardew Valley – Update 1.3 – Multiplayer!

two players tending to the farm in stardew valley

So Chucklefish has posted on the Stardew Valley home page that multiplayer will feature in the games next patch numbered 1.3.

The Stardew community has been awaiting multiplayer support for a long time and although some small details have been released about the patch now we wont actually see this go live until early 2018.  

If you play Stardew Valley on console then unfortunately you will be waiting a little longer than us PC gamers to enjoy this.

From the details that have been released  you will be approached by Robin (who runs the carpenters shop in game) and she will offer to build you up to 3 cabins on your farm. Each of these cabins is able to house a farmhand and each of these farmhands is a playable character in game by one of your friends.

The main player still has control over when to sleep and when festivals start and end ect but the 3 additional players are able to do everything else you would normally be able to do in game.

two players tending to the farm in stardew valley
Have your buddies help out on the farm in the upcoming patch

Other features we are due to see in patch 1.3 are UI and menu updates, update to events and festivals for multiplayer support, multiplayer support for NPC relationships and overall polish and game optimisation.

If you want to read more click here to take you to the original post by Chucklefish.

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